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Rose Special Offer

For a Limited Time

Small Area

Laser Hair Removal Offer

£ 240 (8 session)

Feet, Toes, Upper Lip, Chin, Hand, Fingers, Nipple, Ears, Under Chin

Medium Area

Laser Hair Removal Offer

£ 480 (8 session)

Lower Leg, Legs, Hollywood-full, Under Arm, Half Arm, thighs, Neck, Full Face, Upper Lip & Chin, Stomach, Shoulder, Upper Back, Chest, Man Anchoring

Large Area

Laser Hair Removal Offer

£ 680 (8 session)

Full Leg, Full Hand, Full Back, Full Bikini Line & Perianal, Full Face And Neck

Unlimited Full Body Laser

Laser Hair Removal Offer

£ 1100 ( 1 year )

Included Full Leg, Full Bikini, Full Arm, Full Stomach


Botox and Filler offer

Botox (1 area) ----------------------- £100
Filler (1 area / 1m) ------------------- £130
Filler (1m + Botox 2 area) ------------ £280
Filler For: Check, Chin, Nasolabial Line, Lips
Botox For: Forehead, Frown Line, Tear Through


Holiday Package

Hand &feet shellac
Cluster eyelashes
Hair cut & blow-dry
All in one £49
Pay £15 extra
To upgrade , individual eyelash , acrylic, luxury pedicure

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