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Rose Skin & Body Clinic

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Rose Skin & Body Clinic is set up with the primary aim of providing exceptional standards in care providing outstanding aesthetic,beauty,hair and laser treatments. We are totally committed and strive continuously to achieve only the very best results for our clients. Our aim is to be your first choice for all cosmetic enhancing and laser treatments. To achieve our own exceptionally high standards and help our clients realise their own personal goals, we only use and apply the very best treatments, technology and clinically proven products available today. Our premier, Class Four medical grade lasers, are widely used by the NHS and provide the gold standard in laser skin treatments consistently achieving excellent results for our clients. We also offer our clients the benefits of the clinically proven SkinCeuticals skin care treatment system and product ranges. Providing the very best in result driven skin treatments for a naturally glowing healthy complexion. Rose Skin Clinic are here to help you age the way you deserve, helping you look and feel younger for longer. This state of the art clinic and highly skilled and passionate staff guarantee all our clients a superior results in all aspects of our treatments portfolio.

Rose Skin & Body Clinic

A visit to Rose Skin Clinic will find a friendly, knowledgeable team more than happy to answer all questions and give helpful advice on any procedures you may be considering. Rose Skin Clinic will only provide advice and treatments that will benefit and enhance the lives of their clients

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Facial treatments help keep your skin refreshed and feeling revitalised.

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Beauty therapy will leave you feeling refreshed and amazing.

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Using the 'Power of three' 3D-Triologyice is the latest hair removal technology

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Laser Hair Removal

Using the ‘Power of three’ 3D-Triologyice is the latest hair removal technology offered at a highly competitive price. The system combines the proven benefits of three wavelengths, achieving maximum results and versatility when compared to single wave length. This powerful combination of different penetration and absorption levels of wavelengths, combined with the speed of delivery, ensure that you will be providing one of the safest and most comprehensive hair removal solutions available.
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